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Chernivtsi, a town in Ukraine located 30 km from the northern border of Romania, has been fortunate enough to avoid heavy bombing compared to other areas in Ukraine. As a result, many internally displaced Ukrainians (IDP) have sought refuge and sustenance in this town.


In response to this need, in May of 2022, we constructed an improvised canteen spanning 72 square meters with power, water, and sewer connections. The kitchen has four camping stoves, stainless steel sinks, and ample dishes to prepare food for up to 1500 people. We aim to provide 350-400 KG of food daily to IDPs in need. To staff our canteen, "IN GOD'S HAND" has employed members of the IDP community who receive a modest salary. Additionally, we distribute bags of food periodically at the canteen and New Testaments and Bibles with each distribution.

In April of 2023, we learned of a community of older people in Toretsk, in the Donetsk region, just miles from the fighting, that was unwilling or unable to evacuate. They sheltered in basements without power or water and had little to sustain themselves. After an exploratory mission to determine their needs, we opened our second kitchen to provide food for at least 80 people twice a week.

Our Projects

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Open New Kitchens

In God's Hand, kitchens provide the displaced community a place to gather and support each other over a shared meal. This ritual of mutual support has helped sustain the communities we serve, creating a base for identifying and addressing the different needs of its members.

We plan to add four more kitchens in Toretsk, near the frontlines, to reach the entire community sheltered in their basements without water or power, people who remained because they are elderly, disabled, or too poor to have any choice. 

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Support Orphans

In God's Hand provides regular deliveries of food and supplies to over 100 children at two orphanages, who were resettled or orphaned by the war. We also celebrate the holidays with the children with special treats and activites.

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Host Special Events

Because our kitchen in Chernivtsi helps connect us to the displaced community we serve, we can provide other activities and services beyond those who frequent our kitchen daily.

We hold camps for the many displaced children, holiday celebrations, and special events for displaced women who are often widowed or have husbands away at war. We also sponsor visiting medical professionals to address the community's physical and behavioral health needs.

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