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Give a little change a lot

Who we are

In God’s Hand is a non-profit founded in Phoenix, Arizona, with operations in Romania dedicated to providing daily warm meals, clothing, and assistance finding shelter to hundreds of internally displaced Ukrainians.

Our work is performed entirely by volunteers, including members from the displaced Ukrainian communities we support.


We are grateful for the unwavering support of the Pentecostal church network across Europe and the USA and contributions from numerous NGOs and kindhearted individuals like you.


Helped over 5,000 refugees obtain a free place to live and transportation to their new homes


Provided over 10,000 5 kg bags of food and supplies to internally displaced (IDP) Ukrainian families.

Distributed over 30 tons of clothing.

warm meals

Served over 150,000 freshly cooked meals to IDP at our improvised kitchen in Chernivtsi, Ukraine.


I Have Engraved You on the palms of my hands."
ISAIAH 49:16

Our main goal is to provide help to Ukrainians impacted by the war and who are currently staying in the country itself and in Romania.


At In God's Hand, we are all volunteers working together to provide relief to Ukrainians displaced by conflict. Our volunteers secure and help transport supplies, prepare hot meals, help locate and secure shelter and leverage the extensive local networks we have at hand to meet the ever-changing realities on the ground.


We welcome volunteers from around the world sharing an abiding desire to help those less fortunate and bring hope to the millions of Ukrainians displaced by the conflict.


DJ Wilson, WA

"I felt right at home on a great team undaunted by the daily challenges such work entails"

Amy Harden, VA

"The commitment and passion of the team brought me such joy."

Coops, UK

“One of the most uplifting experiences of my life.”
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